What we do and how we do it


The center for Portuguese as a foreign language is part of University of Lisbon, and certifies the proficiency in Portuguese as a foreign language (PLE).

It has more than 50 centers around the world where candidates participate on examinations and enroll for certifications.

We created a platform that connects all centers, which allows students to enroll in exams and request certifications, while doing online payments in real time.

  • Solution stack
    • Multi-user platform for centers to enroll students

    • Module for online payments

    • Diplomas with digital signing

    • Branding and Webdesign



The “Feira Rural” in Torres Vedras, Lisbon is an event that has more than 250 local producers where they sell products on an open market, from biological agriculture to arts and crafts.

The challenge was to create a marketplace platform where all producers could sell their products on the same place. For that we built a multi-tenant platform that works as a marketplace with a centralized shop cart, payments and checkout. Each user/tenant has its own website with templates that they can choose from to manage their online store.

  • Solution stack
    • Marketplace platform multi-tenant with individual databases

    • Central admin for managing all stores

    • Individual product management

    • Responsive design with a “mobile first” approach

    • Cloud Hosting with Amazon AWS solutions

Carnaval App Mockup


The famous Torres Vedras Carnival is a traditional festival that brings more than 300 thousand people every year to this city.

A mobile app was needed for the tourism department, so people could navigate and receive push notifications of events during the festival days. We created a android and ios mobile app that uses geo-location to target all interest points and relative distance to them. Also, people can vote on events that happen during the festival.

    Solution stack

    • Android and iOS native app

    • Backoffice to edit listings

    • OneSignal connection to send Push notifications

    • Database solution with Google Firebase



LentesQ is a startup dedicated to sell special contact lenses. The system works by uploading a medical prescription, which is then reviewed by a specialized professional. A quote is then sent to the customer, detailed to exactly the prescription asked, with a payment link in case its accepted.

This system needed a platform where the admins could create quotes depending on the prescriptions received and also a way to manage clients on the same place.

We created a CRM with a quote system that enables the team to focus on the process of selling the contact lenses instead of worrying with the technology.

  • Solution stack
    • Crm paltform with a integrated quote system

    • Backoffice to manage the website and products

    • Connection with SMS service providers for notifications

    • VPS hosting with DigitalOcean and Amazon AWS solutions

Listor App Mockup


LISTOR is one of the leading Portuguese distribution and manufacturer companies for top quality integrated floor and wall covering solutions.

The briefing we recieved had the following requirements:
- Business tool for commercial and retailers as well as end customer
- Innovative design, highlighting the product and fully responsive layout designed

We built a content management platform to suit all the client needs, which now allows Listor to provide a useful, always up-to-date search and working contents.
You can also answer a set of questions that will guide you to a range of possible products to use. Catalogs and datasheets are also available for download on each product.

    Solution stack

    • User made forms module for each event;

    • Events registration and calendarization

    • Recurring subscriptions and members management

    • Custom CMS

    • Webdesign and Branding

    • Hosting with cloud solutions from Amazon for Sms, emails and databases.

MyUnlimited App Mockup


The Portuguese Federation for Underwater Activities has hundrends of associates, events every month and certifications for Scuba divers and other activities.

We build a platform that manages all of the Federation activities, including sending certificates, managing associates, charging for subscriptions and events reservations.

    Solution stack

    • User made forms module for each event;

    • Events registration and calendarization

    • Recurring subscriptions and members management

    • Custom CMS

    • Webdesign and Branding

    • Hosting with cloud solutions from Amazon for Sms, emails and databases.

MyUnlimited App Mockup


A startup that provides hand selected adventures experiences to customers visiting Portugal.

The main objective for the MVP was to create a reservation system that could alert each provider and check for availability, based on the conditions selected for that particular booking.Each activity can be booked in advanced or can be offered as a voucher that uses a QR-code for on-site validation.

The user completes all processes on the platform and receives a “ticket” that serves as proof of reservation.

Branding and communication were also made by our company on a synergy that tried to create a very fast and easy to use website.

    Solution stack

    • Event registration platform with calendar availability

    • Voucher system

    • Multi-user backoffice for managing activities, bookings and payments

    • Connection to Invoice software

    • VPS hosting with DigitalOcean solutions

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